5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing

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homeowner acting as a plumber with tools ready to fix homeWhen you own a home there are some things that you should know about home repair, your plumbing is one such area. You should be getting routine plumbing maintenance done. You should also be on the lookout for signs that there’s a clog or a leak in your plumbing. But a professional plumber we spoke with also recommends that homeowners have some knowledge of these 5 things:

Where the Water Shut Off Is

If there were a plumbing emergency in the home, do you know where the main water shut off is? It is very important that you know this. Imagine if you have a catastrophic emergency in the plumbing in your home, you will need to shut off your homes water to prevent water damage in your home and to prevent a major flood. If you don’t know where the shut off is ask a professional plumber to show you where it is when you are having routine plumbing maintenance done.

What Kind of Pipes You Have

Every home is different when it comes to the types of pipe in the home. The age of your home has a lot to do with the kinds of pipes that you have. Older homes may even lead pipes still. Lead pipes should be replaced with PVC or other kinds of pipes to make sure they don’t contaminate the drinking water. A professional plumber can tell you what kinds of pipes you have and replace any lead pipes in the home.

Where Your Water Comes From

Where does the water in your home come from? Do you have a well on the property or do you use municipal water that is piped in? Knowing where your water comes from could be important in an emergency. Most homes draw water from municipal sources but if you live in a rural area or if your home is very old you may have well water. It’s important to find out which type of water you have in your home.

What Your Water Pressure Is Normally

Changing water pressure is a very good indicator of a problem with the plumbing. So it’s important that you know what your water pressure is normally so that you can tell if it changes. A drop in water pressure could indicate a clog or a problem in your plumbing.

Where the Faucet Shut Offs Are

Every faucet and toilet in your home should have an individual shut off. It’s important to know where those are so that if you have a leak or a burst pipe you can shut the water off immediately. Check under the sinks and next to the toilets and you should see shut off valves.


Landscaping Designs For Small Yards

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after work by a whitby landscaping companyIt can be a challenge to come up with a landscape design for a small yard, side yard or other small outdoor space. Creating a useable and beautiful space in a small area will add a lot of value to a home. We’re here to help, we spoke with a well known Whitby landscaping company if you have been struggling to come up with landscape design ideas for a small area these ideas will give you some inspiration and useful tips to make good use of all of your home’s outdoor areas.

Make It Useful Space

A small space that isn’t really big enough to host a playground, sports area or large entertaining space can still be beautiful and functional. Turn a small outdoor space into an outdoor yoga space, an outdoor office or work space, or a beautiful retreat to meditate or have coffee. By making the space functional you will add living space to your home and increase the appeal and value of your home.

Go Up Instead Of Out

If you want to create a dazzling outdoor oasis in a small space think up instead of out. Put in tiered plants and shrubs to create a lush retreat. Use water features to add style and to irrigate the plans and trees that you choose. Keep the furniture minimal and let the space be a wonderful getaway where you can go for some solitude or read a book in peace.


A small area next to the house is the ideal place to try foodscaping. Use containers and tiered elements to grow fruits and vegetables and fresh herbs. You will be able to feast on healthy food and cook with succulent herbs grown right outside your door. Foodscaping is inexpensive and it’s a very popular trend. A small home garden is the perfect way to use available space and add value to your home without a big investment of money or time. Foodscaping will also cut down on your grocery bills and give you more healthy local produce to eat. You may even end up with enough fresh fruits and vegetables to sell at a local market for some extra cash.